Interracial Marriages corrupt the heart of the Social Justice Movement!!

Have you ever seen a strong proud Woman of Color walking down the street with a white man? As we all know ALL PinV sex is rape, so she's probably being raped. On top of that most heinous of violations though something more insidious is going on. Any time a white holds hands with a Person of Color, kisses a Person of Color, or simply interacts with a Person of Color they are attempting to appropriate that strong willed, hopefully trans*, individual's personal struggle against the white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy. As a white to Person of Color transethnic I am deeply aware of the many ways in which the white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy tries to disrupt our lives. Chief among these attempts to disrupt our way of life is the appropriation of our struggle. I firmly believe that the white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy's attempts to make complete miscegenation a reality are firmly grounded in destroying the Powerbase of Color. They, the white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy, wants nothing more than to see our struggle removed from the forefront of Social Justice thought. Anytime a white, especially a cisgendered neurotypical white, interacts with a Person of Color, especially a strong willed trans* autistic Person of Color, it is tantamount to genocide. A genocide in which all the victims are raped to death by the fascist cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy before they are unceremoniously thrown into the mass graves found in all state-run FEMA death camps. You might be thinking something like, “My white cisgendered neurotypical boyfriend is a pretty great guy and he's never done anything to hurt me.” How wrong you are though. This is just one of many ways in which the fascist white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy brainwashes young People of Color into believing that not all whites are an anti-existence designed by the devil himself to eliminate all that is good in the world. However, the simple fact of the matter is that ALL whites are cultural vampires who need to feed off of other cultures to continue fueling their empty colorless existence. I don't want to sound like a broken record but it's important to remember that ALL PinV sex is still rape. Especially in the P in the V is a white P. It is still rape even if the P and the V belong to hardcore female domination fetishists. The facts are directly in front of us. Once you break free of the fascist white cisgendered neurotypical mind control you will see for yourself that ALL whites are active conspirators in a campaign against the true heirs to the Earth: libertarian trans* autistic People of Color. Our only recourse against the active war that the fascist white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy is waging against us is to destroy them. Our only option as beautiful strong-willed People of Color is to destroy the whites feeding off our beautiful culture like the leeches they are. The only option is to behead the great white serpent. We have to systematically dismantle them from the top down. This means of course that our chiefest enemy is those who have always been the chiefest enemy of all proud spiritual cultures: The Jews. Only by destroying EVERY Jew can a strong willed spiritual Culture of Color return to dominance. This is why it is the duty of every Person of Color to disrupt and destroy the Jew at every turn. Only through a coordinated campaign can we truly be free. So join me in taking up arms against the Jewish fascist white cisgendered neurotypical Patriarchy because if you don't you are no better than a white. As we all know the only person who has a fate worse than that of a white is the race traitor. Join me in arms, or fear me as a traitor to your race. The choice is yours.